Gimer Cervera

Gimer Cervera

Blockchain enthusiast, Ethereum smart contracts developer and freelancer.


I am Gimer Cervera, a blockchain researcher, developer and enthusiast. I successfully completed a certification as a Ethereum Developer granted by the b9Lab Academy in July, 2018. To verify my certificate of accomplishment, click on the following link:

Ethereum Developer Course Certification

I got a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2012 granted by Carleton University, Ottawa, ON., Canada. I have a strong information and network security background and advance knowledge on several blockchain topics and tools such as: Smart contracts, Ethereum, Solidity programming, DApps, Remix, geth, Ganache, Truffle, Javascript, Web3 libraries, Metamask, Etherscan, ICO’s, etc. I’ve been involved in this field since November 2017.

I am actively working on my own decentralized application, I love to give talks and working on this blog to promote the blockchain ecosystem. Currently, I live in Merida, Mexico and work as a University Professor but looking forward to focus my career on the blockchain technology.

I am fluent in English and proficient in French. Spanish is my native language. Besides my blockchain skills, I’m skilled with data structures, algorithms, data science and visualization, programming languages as Java, javascript, Angular and C++.

Let’s make a better world for everyone!

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